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Where possible, the tower counts that follow have been verified through site lists and direct conversation with management between Q3 2014 and Q2 2015. In some cases, counts represent our best estimate. We cannot provide even an estimate for some towercos and infracos, which are listed at the foot of this table. If you would like to suggest an amendment… (more…)

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Are second tier towercos investible?

Read this article to learn:
  • Five different breeds of African middle market towerco
  • How middle market towercos fit into the North American tower industry
  • Reasons for operators’ scepticism about the credibility of middle market towercos as bidders
  • Opportunities… (more…)
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Selling urban co-locations and building sites with five days of autonomy in deep rural locations battered by tropical cyclones

Read this article to learn:
  • What capabilities are managed in-house and what is outsourced by a new towerco
  • The impact of the political and related economical crisis on 3G broadband deployment… (more…)
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According to Bloomberg, Madagascan telecoms firm Telecom Malagasy (Telma) has asked investment bank Lazard to explore options for the complete disposal of its business or the divestment of its portfolio of 500 towers, believed to be valued at between US$50-70million. Several towercos are said to be interested. Telma recently created one of Africa’s… (more…)

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