TowerXchange 1, 12/12

Issue 1 (Decemeber 2012) table of contents:


Estimated number of towers owned or managed by independent towercos in Africa


  • IHS acquires 1758 towers from MTN
    Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire market views
    Orange selling 600 towers in Kenya
    13 Editorial

  • Welcome to TowerXchange

14 Are three towercos in Ghana too many?

15 Is infrastructure sharing working in Ghana?

16 BuddeComm Perspective on Ghana

17 Interview with Chuck Green, CEO, Helios

24 Best of Both Worlds? With Tony Dolton of Vodafone

27 Introduction to infrastructure sharing

28 Why share Africa’s towers?

48 How to structure a deal

50 The criticality of tenancy ratios

52 When is the right time to share towers?

30 How to guide: Shareability

31 $value on telecom infrastructure assets

32 The cost of multi-tenant towers

34 Design for shareability

37 What are my towers worth?

40 Special feature: Uganda case study

41 How Orange leverage infrastructure sharing

43 An interview with the UCC

45 How Eaton hit the ground running: An interview with Alan Harper, CEO

47 Your letters and emails

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