TowerXchange 2, 2/13

Issue 2 (February 2013) table of contents


African MarketWatch
MTN selling South African towers?
Bharti Infratel’s IPO

10 Editorial – How towercos buy

12 Investors’ verdict on the African tower industry

13 Are African towers a bankable investment?

16 Standard bank: aggressive bids likely to continue

20 Opportunities for new market entrant towercos?

22 Perspectives from Hayat Comm’s and Atlas Tower

26 Viewpoint

Why tenancy ratios above two will be difficult to achieve in Africa

32 Anatomy of an infrastructure sharing deal

33 Who’s who: lawyers with African tower experience

35 Checklist of the data you need buy and sell towers

38 Inside the due diligence process with Neil Taylor

43 SPAs and MLAs; how to accelerate transactions

48 TowerPower – reducing Africa’s reliance on diesel

53 PowerOasis’ “Smart towers”

57 Eltek: What hybrid energy can do for Africa’s towers

61 How CPS deliver multi-tenant tower power

65 How ESCOs can reduce your energy opex by 30-35%

69 Introduction to infrastructure sharing

69Experiences from the front lines of running a towerco in Ghana

71 Leveraging RMS to optimise preventative maintenance

72 From data to intelligence

73 Inala’s Laurentius Human on how to identify the smallest capex that yields the biggest return

77 Towards just-in-time maintenance with Kentrox

82 Who’s who in tower design, manufacture, installation & MS

86 Likusasa on connecting the next billion subscribers

91 Camusat’s logistics and maintenance best practices

96 “What gets measured gets done” at Reime Group

100 Leadcom marry passive & active infrastructure

103 Booz & Co on how to overcome objections