TowerXchange 3, 4/13

5 Tower People

6 News

  • Etisalat seeking buyers in Tanzania
  • Telma’s towers for sale
  • Airtel to acquire Warid Uganda
  • African MarketWatch

14 Cover story: Why Orange is sharing towers

19 BMI Analysis: Why Kenya could be next

23 Editorial: Announcing the TowerXchange Meetup

29 Towerco perspectives

30 How IHS creates shared value

35 Eaton’s procurement priorities

40  Helios on H&S, ethics and compliance

45 Growth stock ATC vs PE-backed towercos

50 How to guide: Understanding FX risk in Africa

54 Egypt case study

55 The Mott MacDonald Share Square: Egypt

57 Mobiserve believe a tower deal is imminent

60 EEC Group are positioning themselves to partner towercos

63 Who’s who in tower design, manufacture, installation & MS

71 Mer Telecom’s one-stop-shop

76 End-to-end services from NETIS

81 Static asset manufacturers TESA & GSM TP

85 How to design towers for easy installation

90 Fast deployment by Viettel’s rollout consultants

92 Beyond passive infrastructure:

93 The case for transmission sharing

99 Wholesale network sharing

102 From RMS to monitoring and management platforms

103 How to combat fuel theft

109 How to create actionable intelligence from your Infrastructure data

114 How to measure what matters

117 TowerPower – reducing Africa’s reliance on diesel, part two

118 Power beyond the tower

122 The dawn of the green energy era

126 Why you should re-think charging batteries with DG

129 Achieving desired autonomy