TowerXchange 14, 09/15

Regular and special features

5 Africa tower count, analysis and news

27 Asia tower count, analysis and news

43 Europe tower count, analysis and news

48 CALA tower count, analysis and news

57 Global overview + top 149 towercos list

62 Hal Hess on AMT’s international strategy

69 Citi compare tower deal flow across EMEA

77 Who’s who: debt and equity investors

88 TowerXchange Meetup Africa

107 TowerXchange Meetup Asia

171 Viom Next: AssetCo versus ServiceCo

120 MEA: Airtel and Eaton, HTN+SWAP, KSA+Kuwait

121 Interview with Christian De Faria, CEO, Airtel Africa

124 Interview with Pankaj Kulshrestha, Grp COO, Eaton

128 Analysis of HTN Towers’ deal with SWAP

140 A closer look at towers in KSA and Kuwait

151 Asia: Myanmar, China, Thailand and Cambodia

152 Interviews with CEOs of IGT and Apollo Myanmar

162 Miteno and Q Towers on China’s tower market

175 Thailand and Cambodia market studies

192 Demand forecasts for Asian passive infrastructure

199 Europe: Who’s who in Europe, plus France case study

200 Who owns Europe’s telecom towers?

205 KPR: The real costs of decommissioning towers

209 Towerco growth in the dynamic French market

214 France: FPS interview and BMI analysis

222 CALA: Torrecom, MTP, PTI, NMS and TORRESEC

223 Nicaragua: Share Square, BMI, IFC and Torrecom

237 Mexico: latest analysis plus MTP interview

245 PTI, NMS and TORRESEC interviews

256 Norton Rose on Colombian towers

TowerXchange’s who’s who

264 Directory of over

150 vendor profiles

268 13 interviews including new vendors Ausonia, IPT PowerTech, Le BLANC, Sabre and Zamil