TowerXchange 15, 01/16

Regular and special features

Europe tower count, analysis and news

18 Telefónica and Vimpelcom tower strategies

37 CALA tower count, analysis and news

60 Africa tower count, analysis and news

72 Latest on KSA and Kuwait tower sales

77 Asia tower count, analysis and news

96 Tillman and TPG close in on RTIL

102 Ranking the top 166 towercos worldwide

106 Ten trends for 2016

109 Quippo’s international vision

112 Cellnex, WIG and Indus Towers on small cells

132 Who’s who in European towers, Ireland, Italy and CEE features

145 Interviews with Deutsche Funkturm and CETIN

151 Ireland case study featuring Cignal and ESB

164 Consolidation in Italian towers + Rai Way

176 IFC on CEE + first Kazakh towerco

188 CALA: GTS, ATP and Arqueiro plus Guatemala

189 Guatemala case study

204 Andean Tower Partners interview

208 Grupo TorreSur interview

211 Arqueiro propose backhaul sharing

215 MEA: Meetup report, Nigeria and South Africa

216 Report from the TowerXchange Meetup Africa

248 The new Nigerian tower market

252 What we learned about HTN Towers

258 BMI on the potential for a South African tower deal

263 Asia: Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, India and China

271 edotco 360: CEO, CFO and CSMO interviews

294 Visionary views: edotco, AMT & Bharti Infratel

301 Malaysia, India, Cambodia and China reports

317 Matrix of Asian MNO tower strategies

TowerXchange’s who’s who

320 Directory of over 150 vendor profiles

324 10 interviews including new vendors Cue Dee, FieldForce, Gen Power, Red ow and ZTE