TowerXchange 16, 05/16

Regular and special features

CALA tower count, analysis and news

50 Africa tower count, analysis and news

76 Asia tower count, analysis and news

92 Europe tower count, analysis and news

105 The evolution of Telefónica’s Telxius

111 Global tower market maturation

115 Ranking the top 185 towercos worldwide

119 RANsharing: the search for an equitable deal

124 Growing pains: how to scale a towerco

129 AMT and SBA quarterly results review

203 TowerXchange market analysis: China

329  Small cells special feature

131 CALA: Argentina opens, Brazil slows, Bolivia studied

132 Brazil tower industry facing its toughest year yet

148 Investment opportunities in Argentinian towers

157 TowerXchange and Mott MacDonald on Bolivia

163 Is Telesites a force to be reckoned with?

168 MEA: who’s who, plus AMT and IHS deals analysed

169TowerXchange’s who’s who in MEA towers

182BMI’s verdict on Africa’s Big Four towercos

186AMT enter Tanzania, IHS acquire HTN and Hotspot

199Mott MacDonald Share Square: Algeria

202 Asia: China, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia and India

220 Inside edotco’s NOC, plus Sri Lanka and Myanmar

236 Indonesia: MNO perspective, XL-Protelindo deal

242 Cam Towerlink connect Angkor Wat, Laos study

248 SCM at Indus Towers; BMI on Indian tower market

261 65% European towerco penetration by 2020

272 Cellnex CEO keynote interview

275 Turkey: Global Towers IPO imminent

282 German tower market restructuring

289 UK, France, Greece, Russia, CIS, Poland, Romania

TowerXchange’s who’s who

349 Directory of over 170 vendor profiles

353 Abloy, Acsys, Ascot, Ausonia, Bladon Jets, EnerSys, Invendis, IPS, Nexsysone and Tarantula