TowerXchange 17, 08/16

Regular and special features

Africa & Middle East tower count, analysis & news

60 Asia tower count, analysis and news

85 Europe tower count, analysis and news

101 CALA tower count, analysis and news

121 New Street Research on the economics of towers

126 History of towercos + business model matrix

134 Ranking the top 229 towercos worldwide

139 10 ways to create value in independent towers

147 Why MNO consolidation can be good news

151 Tillman’s vision: small cells, towercos and ESCOs

158 RESCO Association launch

165-214 MEA: exclusive interviews & analyses

166American Tower to acquire Eaton Towers SA

171Egypt, Algeria, KSA and Mozambique analyses

189Airtel, MTN, Helios and Tigo interviews

203Introducing new towercos Fanasia and PowerCom

215-287 Asia: who’s who, market updates, vendor matrix

216 Who’s who in Asian towers

228 History of India, Q&A with Akhil Gupta & Bimal Dayal

247 Pakistan, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Singapore & China

279 Demand forecasts for equipment & services in Asia

288-303 Europe: analyses of three Cellnex deals, France study

289 Sale of FPS could transform French market

294 Cellnex expands into France

297 Dutch market analysis, Cellnex aquires Protelindo

302 Cellnex deepens commitment to small cells

304-350 CALA: Jeff Stoops interview, Meetup Americas report

305 SBA’s leveraged capital appreciation strategy

311 Meetup reports: Mexico, Andeans, Argentina, Brazil

335 BTC keeps building until the market turns around

347 Legal perspectives on ground leases, MLAs and Peru

TowerXchange’s who’s who

351 Directory of over 175 vendor profiles

355 4energy, Accruent, Acsys, Calzavara, COTECH, Flexenclosure, SUNCO and TES