TowerXchange 22, 04/18

Regular and special features

CALA tower count, analysis and news

39 TowerXchange Meetup Americas agenda

53 SSA tower count, analysis and news

74 MENA tower count, analysis and news

87 Asia tower count, analysis and news

102 China tower market FAQ

119 Europe tower count, analysis and news

135 Global tower industry: current and future state

145 Ranking the top 279 towercos worldwide

152 Regulatory working group

158 Small cell and DAS special features

170 Edge data centres @ the tower

196-229 CALA: Consolidation case studies, women in towers

197 Ganzi, Seiner & Berkshire on ATP acquiring Unidas

203 SBA Communications’ acquisition spree

207 CALA towerco consolidation continues

212 Women in towers: CALA edition

230-285 MEA: Helios Towers, ESCOs, MENA who’s who

231 MEA towers in 2017: an overview 

256 ESCOs in Africa: analysis plus Orange interview

261 Energy working group & process excellence reports

269 MENA feature: who’s who, Iraq case study

286-318 Asia: Meetup report; Cambodia, India & The Philippines

287 TowerXchange Meetup Asia report

299 Women in towers: Asia edition

304 edotco Cambodia, energy storage in India

312 Emerging opportunity for towercos in The Philippines

319-342 Europe: Towerco CEO interviews; Altice analysis 

320 Interviews with the CEOs of Cellnex and AMT EMEA

325 Analysing and valuing the Altice towers

335 AMP Capital and Cignal interviews

341 Service Telecom acquires Link Development

TowerXchange’s who’s who

342 Directory of over 200 vendor profiles. New: Accelleran, Calzavara, Intelsat, Md7, Node-H, Ranplan, Tarantula, Vertiv