TowerXchange 24, 11/18

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Asia tower count, analysis and news

35 TowerXchange Meetup Asia agenda

49 MENA tower count, analysis and news

62 TowerXchange Meetup MENA agenda

74 Europe tower count, analysis and news

92 CALA tower count, analysis and news

111 Africa tower count, analysis and news

132 Global tower industry: current and future state

144 Ranking the top 278 towercos worldwide

151 Announcing the launch of IDIA

153 Delta Partners, Ericsson, Digital Colony and EdgeInfra

180-246 Asia: Bangladesh, China, Myanmar and Pakistan studies, Jazz and fibre

181 Updates fromBangladesh, Vietnam and Myanmar 

203 Fibre in Asia

209 2018 updates: who’s who and demand forecast

237 CTC IPO analyses

247-269 MENA: Who’s who and insights from Tunisia, Pakistan and Lebanon

248 MENA who’s who

259 2018 update: Pakistan case study

264 An overview of Tunisia and its market potential

267 Exclusive insights into Lebanon

270-309 Europe: Vodafone, Altice, Cellnex, new build forecast and 5G readiness

271 News from Vodafone, Digital Colony, Cellnex & Altice

282 New build report and what 5G means for towers

302 Russian towers: a new model?

307 Women in Towers – updated

310-327 Americas: CALA investibility, new markets and network challenges

311 Meetup review: how to invest and succeed in CALA

315 Roundtable report: network deployment challenges

318 Phoenix Tower International keeps expanding

321 IDB Invest’s outlook on CALA telecoms

328-353 Africa: Executive perspectives and Meetup insights

329 Meetup Africa towerco CXO panel review

334 Company updates: Helios Towers and Atlas Towers

341 MTN’s carbon reduction strategy

347 Insights from Meetup Africa operational panel

TowerXchange’s who’s who

354 29 new interviews with innovative suppliers