TowerXchange 26, 07/19

Regular and special features

05 CALA tower count, analysis and news

38 Africa tower count, analysis and news

62 Asia tower count, analysis and news

79 MENA tower count, analysis and news

95 Europe tower count, analysis and news

116 Who’s who in the global tower market

144 Ranking the top 297 towercos worldwide

151 Towerco organisational design

159 Workforce development for a 5G future

162 An interview with Marc Ganzi

171 Data collection & utilisation working group report

175 Leveraging Cell Sites for Mobile Edge Computing

180 TowerXchange Meetup Americas, Africa & Asia

222-278 CALA: Demand forecasts revealed plus exclusive CEO interviews

223 Exclusive editorial: Argentina: the eternal promise

228 Exclusive editorial: Brazil’s comeback: the return of CALA’s giant

233 SBA Communications’ journey from Central America to Argentina

238 TowerXchange special feature: CEOs in CALA

266 Demand forecast: Passive infrastructure equipment and services in Central and South America

279-317 Africa: American Tower and Helios enter new markets

280 Why the Eaton deal works for American Tower

284 CEO interview: Changing the game in South Africa

292 CEO interview: Active infrastructure sharing for 4G in Mozambique

296 Deal analysis: American Tower to acquire Eaton Towers

306 CEO interview: PowerCom: working to boost Namibia’s tower inventory by nearly 50%

310 CEO interview:The growth runway in South Africa

315 CEO interview: Releasing the value in Nigeria’s 3,000+ hidden towers 

318-339 Asia: 5G, in-building innovation and sustainability

319 edotco on its 1,200 hybrid renewable sites and continuous sustainable efforts

322 Space World: a remarkable in-building coverage startup success story

325 Reports: India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Australia

328 Energy working group report: TowerXchange Meetup Asia 2018

333 China: 5G in China and what it means for towercos

340-374 MENA: Post-event reports and towerco strategies

341 Rethinking the shape, ownership and management of comms infrastructure in a digital economy

344 Event report: If towercos are so great, why wouldn’t an MNO want their own one?

348 CEO interview: Zero to hero: The Pakistani towerco ripping up the rule book

354 Report: Reinventing the towerco for the Middle East

359 Report: How the telephone tower helped defeat ISIS

363 The investability and investment case for towercos and infracos in MENA

366 Cutting edge operational efficiency

371 Zain postpones KSA tower sale to IHS, towerco remains committed to the region

375-419 Europe: M&A continues to drive the market

376 Deal analysis: Cellnex takes a quantum leap forward

383 European tower CEOs visions for the future of infrastructure

385 A triangle or a tightrope? Senior European CEOs debate the value of different towerco models

388 M&A in European communications infrastructure: multiples, opportunities and longevity

391 The Red Machine, Russian Towers, has a perfect year

395 Cellnex strengthens position in UK with £100mn BT high towers deal

399 An American Tower in Paris: What if the lamppost were the future tower in urban areas?

403 City limits: the barriers to urban rollout

407 Making concessions: Ontix’s take on council vs third party-led street furniture models

412 Digital Colony extends their capabilities and footprint in DAS, Wi-Fi and outdoor small cells

416 Ashurst: Negotiating the future of digital infrastructure in Europe

TowerXchange’s who’s who

426 Ausonia: Adapting telecom energy solutions to varying client needs
431 Camusat’s unique approach to integrated energy management
433 Chengdu Hizima brings its access control solutions to the Americas
436 HYBRICO: A strong ESCO born in Central America
439 Polar Power: Why we’re moving up the value chain
444 Signify partners with towercos to realise Smart Cities
449 Valmont: 5G creates synergies between infrastructure segments
453 vHive: How can drones make towercos and MNOs’ lives easier?
457 Voltalia’s new Brazilian power plant and plans for teleco