TowerXchange Africa Dossier 2019

Regular and special features

Asia tower count, analysis and news

31 TowerXchange Meetup Asia preview

52 MENA tower count, analysis and news

69 TowerXchange Meetup MENA preview

81 Europe tower count, analysis and news

106 CALA tower count, analysis and news

126 Africa tower count, analysis and news

151 Ranking the top 303 towercos worldwide

158 New business models and new opportunities for towercos

165 Analysys Mason: preparing for contracts renegotiation

170 Announcing the launch of the IDIA

178-232 Asia: what’s new in India, Philippines, Indonesia and China

179 India: updates from TowerXchange, Ascend Telecom and Indus Towers

192 Latest from the Philippines and Indonesia

200 2019 edition: Asia demand forecast

215 China: 5G, China Energy, Zhilian, CTC and CITA

233-259 MENA: OTC, Morocco, Bahrain, Afghanistan and smart cities

234 2019 edition: MENA demand forecast

243 Exclusive interview with Oman Tower Company

247 Insights into Morocco, Bahrain and Afghanistan

257 Infrastructure for smart cities and 5G

260-331 Europe: MNO moves, Cellnex and tower ownership forecasts

261 Vodafone, Hutchison, Telefónica and Orange’s plans

287 M&A activity from Cellnex and Digital Colony

300 Deploying and upgrading infrastructure for 5G

310 TowerXchange’s who’s who in European towers

332-368 CALA: Telecom Argentina and Meetup Americas report

333 Exclusive interview with Telecom Argentina

339 Meetup review: live poll results

346 Meetup review: towercos and MNOs insights

356 Meetup review: investibility & regulatory challenges

369-445 Africa: Helios Towers, Meetup Africa report and SBA’s African move

370 Helios Towers on its post-IPO plans

374 SSA new build forecasts 2020-2022 and growth projections

391 Meetup review: Ethiopia, CXO perspectives and MNO expectations

412 Latest from Airtel, MTN, AMN, SBA, Atlas Towers and ANTOSC

TowerXchange’s who’s who

453 Bladon’s Micro Turbine technology enables one site visit per year

458 Camusat’s Aktivco: ESCO pioneers target 10,000 sites by 2023

461 CHEM Group: A clean, quiet alternative to diesel that reduces your TCO

464 Crossflow cut out the diesel with their hybrid solution

468 Delmec: How to value towers and rooftops

473 Enatel’s SYNERGi solution achieves 90% less genset runtime

478 Exide Technologies offers the best of lead acid and lithium ion

482 GRIDSERVE steps up innovation with enhanced modular hybrid

486 HS Engineering: Enhancing sustainability through renewables

489 Huawei is helping Africa get ready for 5G

492 Infozech unlock a $1mn in savings by streamlining site operations

496 ITD/ClickOnSite makes tower rollout and maintenance easier

501 Kilowatt Labs: Can supercapacitors really replace chemical batteries?

505 NETIS: Embracing innovation from across Africa

509 SiteSee: How can Artificial Intelligence help towercos and MNOs?

512 ZTE’s holistic approach to network energy management reduces TCO