TowerXchange’s annual telecom ESCO market report 2018

Executive summary

TowerXchange’s research methodology

How we de ne a telecom ESCO

Business drivers to partner with ESCOs

The current state of the telecom ESCO market

13 Early adopters of ESCO partnerships

15 ESCO business models (in theory)

16 ESCO business models (in practice)

18 Community power

19 ESCO economics

21 Investibility

22 Critical success factors

24 ESCOs and towercos: where they are, and aren’t, competing for the same sites

27 Growth of towercos compared to growth of ESCOs

29 Quantifying the addressable market for ESCOs – a regional breakdown

30 Middle East and Africa

32 India

34 Myanmar

35 Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Indonesia

35 China 

36 Central and Latin America and Europe

37 TowerXchange forecasts the telecom ESCO market to grow to over 67,300 sites by 2024 

39 Who’s who: what you need to know about the leading ESCOs and their partners

51 Appendices

51 Market research data used in this report

52 Orange interview

57 Aktivco interview

61 Ascot interview

66 Ausonia interview

70 Bhaskar Solar interview

73 Energy Vision interview

79 Flexenclosure interview

82 GRIDSERVE interview

87 GreenWish Partners interview

91 ieng interview

94 IPT PowerTech interview

97 Voltalia interview