Eltek: A business model to buy and sell energy by the kWh

How an Energy Supply Company’ (ESCO) can accelerate RoI in hybrid energy

Read this article to learn:

  • How demand for hybrid solutions has progressed from 20-30% of RFPs and RFQs two years ago to 70% today
  • Three reasons why zero capex financing models have not worked
  • A comparison of the success of three ESCO business models
  • How selling energy to multiple tenants accelerates RoI for ESCOs

Tower operators would like to transfer the responsibility, and risks, of energy provision to specialist ESCOs. However there is a lack of consensus on the business model, pricing and contractual terms for selling energy by the kWh. In this article we speak to Eltek’s Bob Hurley to understand the issues. TowerXchange: We spoke about this…

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