ConnectM: A data backbone to optimise tower management

Gemalto partners with ConnectM to deliver intelligent tower management solutions to serve its global telecom customers

Read this article to learn:

  • The five KPIs to monitor and optimise cell site performance and efficiency
  • Examining data analytics to reveal trends and generate predictive maintenance alerts
  • Installed software versus managed service
  • Crossing boundaries to interface with different stakeholders in complex supply chains
  • How ConnectM leverages their partnership with Gemalto to increases their reach into the telecom market, and increase the variety of devices they can integrate with

The award-winning ConnectM platform has been chosen as the first RMS to integrate with Gemalto’s M2M horizontal data platform, enabling ConnectM to connect with an even greater range of devices. ConnectM has already contracted close to 9000 towers across India, Africa and South East Asia and enables intelligent tower management through its software and analytics…

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