A view of Tanzania from the front lines of the market’s leading managed service provider

How infrastructure sharing is creating economies of scale for NEWL and for their clients

Read this article to learn:

  • NEWL’s credentials proven by managing over 2,000 sites in Tanzania and Malawi
  • How NEWL modify hybrid energy solutions to meet local requirements in Tanzania
  • The progress of, and pent-up demand for, LTE in Tanzania
  • A snapshot of the tower market in Malawi

NEWL (Northern Engineering Works Ltd) is the leading managed services company in Tanzania, managing O&M for passive and active infrastructure at 2,100 tower sites in Tanzania across three leading mobile operators. NEWL also has an operation in Malawi where they maintain 285 sites, half of the Malawi Airtel network, on behalf of NSN. NEWL’s regional…

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