Ethical Statement

TowerXchange are committed to supporting and advancing the cause to connect the next billion subscribers in emerging markets, and believe passionately in the social and economic benefits of mobile broadband.

As your community hosts, TowerXchange are committed to adding value to the market we serve by sharing best practices among the thought leaders defining the future of emerging market towers. While we believe in open networking, we also respect the confidential nature of tower transactions, which is why all our interviews are approved by the interviewee prior to publication, and our Meetups are held under “Chatham House Rules.”

TowerXchange has been established with the support and advice of the emerging market tower industry via our “inner circle” informal advisory board and through the suggestions of thousands of our readers.

TowerXchange is a commercial entity, owned and operated by Site Seven Media Ltd, a company registered in the UK. We believe that a for-profit company can be more incisive in identifying new market, technology and process innovation and business model reinvention opportunities for our community.

TowerXchange believes in maximising engagement and education by making as many of our services as possible free to readers and attendees of our Meetups. This means we are funded by, and are very grateful for, the support of advertisers and sponsors. However, it is not possible to “buy” profiles in TowerXchange – coverage is included only because it is newsworthy or because the company fulfills an interesting niche for our readers.