Accelerating and enhancing ROI on new and retrofitted hybrid systems

How TECNOELETTRA combine design expertise and in extensive in the field experience to bring energy savings to African telecoms

Read this article to learn:

  • How TECNOELETTRA accelerated from family business to global brand
  • The challenges tower owners face in African markets
  • Anticipated ROI versus traditional power solutions
  • How retrofitting and working with existing systems can deliver hybrid results
  • TECNOELETTRA’s plans and ambitions for the future

TowerXchange: Please introduce TECNOELETTRA to our readers Davide Zanichelli, CEO, TECNOELETTRA: TECNOELETTRA is a dynamic Italian company, globally recognised as high quality manufacturer of controllers and innovative solutions for power supply application. The generator market is our core business where we make almost 80% of our turnover and where we can offer a very wide range of solutions…

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