Solar BK: Achieving desired autonomy

Innovative Vietnamese manufacturer and system integrator leverages microgrids, renewable energy and deep lifecycle batteries to deliver more days of autonomous power and extend asset lifecycles

Read this article to learn:

  • Designing, supplying and installing alternative hybrid power supply to provide power to isolated islands and off-grid and unstable grid remote areas
  • How to choose the right combination of DC hybrid Generator set, solar and wind to achieve the desired level of autonomy
  • How to leverage outdoor solutions and active cooling to keep the energy footprint of cell sites down to 2kW and minimise TCO
  • Choosing the right batteries to extend the lifecycle of your assets
  • Comparing the performance life of solar versus diesel generators

TowerXchange continues our tour of some of the world’s most interesting TowerPower solutions by speaking with Solar BK, who have installed award-winning microgrids on some of Vietnam’s isolated islands, and who are now seeking to apply similar technologies in Africa. TowerXchange: Thanks for speaking to us today. Where do Solar BK fit into the passive…

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