An East African odyssey – how Camusat plays to the strengths of four very different markets

Increasing fuel security, upskilling workforces and pioneering new technologies to lead in these growing markets

Read this article to learn:

  • How the Kenyan and Tanzanian markets are supporting technology roll out
  • The development of each market and why towercos have thrived in some markets and not in others
  • The key factors driving data growth in East Africa
  • How Camusat are recruiting and training skilled workforces in the region

With vast differences politically, culturally and technologically, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi require a number of different services from fibre roll-out to tower construction. From humble beginnings, Camusat has focussed on organic growth in the region, building up to a significant base with over 450 staff working on sizeable projects. Emmanuel Fresco, Managing Director of…

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