Ascot: fuel savings up to 100%

Ascot introduces H-Power System

Read this article to learn:

  • How to meet the changing energy requirements of multi-tenant tower operators           
  • Tailoring solutions to meet the power needs of sites with varying climactic conditions and grid availability
  • Deploying a significant number of hybrid solutions across African and American portfolios
  • How the business case for solar and wind power is justified by logistics and the criticality of coverage
  • What it will take for demand for hybrid energy to reach the ‘tipping point’

With eight years of experience and thousands of installations in critical markets throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the Ascot hybrid energy solution for telecom is considered one of the most reliable and proven hybrid solutions on the market. Approved and widely used by the Vodafone Group, Helios Towers Africa, IHS Tower, STC Saudi…

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