Assessing the factors that would shape Nigeria’s towers market

Guest columnist Kenechi Okeleke makes Nigeria the focus of his latest BMI Analysis

Read this article to learn:

  • The status of third party towerco and site management services in Nigeria and prospects for tier one MNOs to sell towers
  • Why operators retaining tower ownership is not sustainable in the long term
  • Evaluating the long term credit worthiness of Nigeria’s tier two operators as anchor tenants
  • The role of tower sharing in rural rollout
  • The prospects for legislation or incentives to encourage tower sharing vs risk of state governments raising levies of cell sites

Tower sharing in Nigeria: the journey so far Third-party tower-sharing and site management services have taken off in Nigeria, with two of the big four regional players already active in the market. Helios Towers Nigeria (HTN), IHS and SWAP are the most prominent players in Nigeria’s tower market. The three companies own around 3,000 towers in…

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