TriStar: Building a towerco from the ground up

TriStar targets the real estate under the highest value third party towers

Read this article to learn:

  • How the ground lease aggregation business model works, and its transferability to emerging markets
  • About the gap between towerco ownership of towers and ownership of the underlying land
  • About the size and investment potential in the land lease aggregation segment
  • How TriStar identifies and secures the highest value sites
  • How TriStar has achieved scale in this highly fragmented segment

Matt Newton has been part of the telecom industry for 20 years, initially with Columbia Capital and more recently as Vice Chairman of TriStar Investors. As a Partner with Columbia Capital, Matt focused on wireless infrastructure investments, backing companies such as Extenet Systems as well as Jim Eisenstein’s Optasite. In 2005, Matt led Columbia Capital…

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