C-level perspectives from CALA’s leading international towercos

Insights from the leaders of AMT, CCI, Digital Bridge, GTS, SBA and Torres Unidas

Read this article to learn:

  • The footprint of CALA’s five largest towercos and how their assets were acquired
  • The implications for due diligence and MLAs of accelerated tower auction processes
  • The quality of CALA’s towers and implications for augmentation capex
  • Why multi-tenant indoor DAS could be a huge opportunity for CALA’s towercos
  • The implications of carrier consolidation for the future of CALA’s tower industry

Probably the most influential panel of international tower industry leaders ever assembled formed the keynote panel session at the recent sell-out TowerXchange Meetup Americas. This commentary draws on remarks shared by that illustrious panel, as well as useful tidbits gleaned over coffee or beer during the course of the event! As such, please don’t ascribe…

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