Carbon fibre towers now mass produced and offer many advantages over steel

Light weight, easy installation towers ideal for remote cell sites and rooftops in emerging markets

Read this article to learn:

  • How carbon fibre towers are able to compete on price and wind load capacity with steel: lattice carbon fibre structures with a carbon fibre skin
  • The advantages of carbon fibre towers over steel: weight, ease of installation and long life
  • Why carbon fibre structures are particularly strong alternatives for rooftops
  • How many tenants can be accommodated on a carbon fibre tower?
  • The current costs of a Geostrut’s towers and their plans to manufacture in Africa

Geostrut will be unveiling an exciting new innovation in tower manufacturing at the TowerXchange Meetup. It’s been a long time coming, but carbon fibre towers are finally being mass produced – it’s been worth the wait! Carbon fibre towers have some genuine advantages over steel in terms of weight, ease of installation and corrosion resistance….

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