Carving out O2 Czech Republic’s infrastructure business

An interview with CETIN CEO Petr Slováček

Read this article to learn:

  • Who CETIN are and what role do they play in the Czech telecoms sector?
  • What motivated the separation of the infrastructure and retail businesses
  • How CETIN’s separation from O2 impacted on their network sharing agreement with T-Mobile
  • Why trading of CETIN on the Prague Stock Exchange was terminated in January 2016
  • What synergies exist between sharing towers and networks and sharing backbone and last mile fibre

Česká Telekomunikační Infrastruktura (CETIN) manages the largest telecommunication network in the Czech Republic comprising of 5,300 towers, with access to a further 5,000 through a network sharing agreement with T-Mobile,  20,000,000 km of metallic cable pairs and 38,000 km of optic cable. The company was formed in 2015 following a spin out of O2 Czech…

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