CCE Case study: Proof of concept for Energy Management Solution as a Service

CPS slashes OPEX by 86.5% for UTL in Uganda

Read this article to learn:

  • The full EMSaaS™ compared to EMSaaS™ Light – an option allowing towercos in invest capex and retain power assets but still guarantees performance
  • Why UTL piloted EMSaaS™
  • The before and after of the PoC site; what was installed, how it performed, what it cost and how much it saved
  • Lessons learned for scaling the EMSaaS™ proposition
  • The criticality of training and retaining key people

Those who would advocate the energy as a service proposition to African MNOs and towercos run into two common objections; prove it works in Africa, and prove you have the balance sheet to ride through the capitally intensive early years. CPS’s alliance with CCE provides the robust balance sheet necessary. CCE had proved the Energy…

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