Case study: the launch and expansion of TowerCo of Madagascar

Selling urban co-locations and building sites with five days of autonomy in deep rural locations battered by tropical cyclones

Read this article to learn:

  • What capabilities are managed in-house and what is outsourced by a new towerco
  • The impact of the political and related economical crisis on 3G broadband deployment in Madagascar
  • Why renewable energy solutions have been deployed using a capex rather than opex model
  • How TowerCo of Madagascar monitors and maximises cell site autonomy to ensure continued availability during the tropical rainy season
  • The role of TowerCo of Madagascar in a consortium funded by the World Bank to extend rural access and transmission infrastructure

Laurent Roineau joined incumbent fixed line operator TELMA as CTO shortly after privatisation at the end of 2006, launching Madagascar’s third mobile network, rolling out 250 GSM sites and upgrading others wireless transmission technologies (satellite and microwave). Laurent subsequently became deputy CEO at Electricity of Madagascar, where he re-organised the maintenance of passive infrastructure, before…

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