Acsys: Cell site security and access control problems?

There’s an app for that!

Read this article to learn:

  • Issuing a single usage, time limited code enabling specific users to access sites using programmed keys
  • How to “close the loop” on task management and job ticketing, reducing downtime
  • Live chat and access to document repositories to enhance remote worker support
  • How customers are using the app to minimise theft, generate KPIs and optimise maintenance processes
  • Sharing critical information and images with emergency services to improve H&S

Acsys has designed and successfully deployed a solution called the CGS (Code Generating System) which allows control centers (such as a telco or towerco’s NOC) to give users with programmed keys access to any site, anytime, anywhere by issuing a single-usage time-limited code that is issued by the software. The user needs to contact the…

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