Combining the RESCO and community power propositions to electrify 5,000 Indian villages

Community power leverages telecom towers for bankability, but generation assets should not be co-located on cell sites to ensure scalability

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  • Transforming renewable energy from capex into opex using PPAs
  • Managing development risk by separating SunEdison from TerraForm, a dividend yielding company with more predictable returns
  • SunEdison’s partnership with OMC Power to extend electrification to 10mn Indians living in rural villages
  • The criticality of building solar generation assets outside the cell site compound
  • The main challenges to driving RESCOs to scale

SunEdison is the world’s largest renewable energy development company, currently managing over five gigawatts of solar and wind assets worldwide. Under SunEdison’s Social Innovation business unit, the company seeks to bring renewable energy to the 1.3bn people in the world without access to electricity by solving the technical and financial equations, whilst understanding the social…

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