Contrasting the international acquisition appetites of AMT, SBA and the world’s other major towercos

What is their digestive capacity and what are the implications for MNOs seeking to divest large portfolios?

Read this article to learn:

  • Comparing the current international footprints of AMT and SBA in terms of tower count and US$ vs non-US$ revenue
  • AMT and SBA’s warchest and acquisition priorities in CALA in 2015
  • The limited extent to which AMT and SBA are in direct competition – which towercos have the budget to execute tower “mega-deals” worldwide?
  • Implications for MNOs seeking to divest towers worth >US$500mn
  • A list of the world’s top 100 towercos, including tower count and countries of operation

By Kieron Osmotherly, Founder & CEO, TowerXchange With the recent publication of American Tower (AMT) and SBA Communications’ (SBA) quarterly results, I thought it might be timely to contrast their international strategies, comparing where they have an appetite to deploy capital and under what terms. As we consider the implications of AMT and SBA’s acquisitiveness,…

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