GILDEMEISTER: Could vanadium redox energy storage solutions be a game changer?

Flow batteries ideally suited to meet the needs of larger sites off-grid and on unreliable grid

Read this article to learn:

  • How to use energy storage solutions as a buffer to mop up excess energy from gensets
  • USPs of Vanadium Redox flow battery technology: unlimited deep cycle, fast charge capability, charge and discharge to any state of charge, 20-year battery life expectancy and low maintenance requirements
  • Why GILDEMEISTER’s CellCube is ideally suited to higher-powered off grid sites, poor grid sites and small data centres
  • The TCO and potential DG runtime savings from Vanadium Redox Storage Systems

When used as a diesel hybrid application Vanadium Redox Energy Storage Systems can provide tremendous energy savings, particularly at larger off-grid and poor, unreliable grid sites. The diesel hybrid concept of storing spare load from a diesel generator is nothing new, however the charging and discharging properties of different battery technologies allow some battery technologies…

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