David and Goliath: how agile private towercos can survive and thrive in competition with the tower industry’s giants

Differentiate, but don’t deviate: success stories and cautionary tales of independent telecom tower companies worldwide

Read this article to learn:

  • The market structure and share of private towercos worldwide
  • The challenge raising capital for private towercos
  • The role of local tower industry associations in giving private tower entrepreneurs a unified voice
  • The perils of deviating too far from established lease rates and contractual norms
  • The merits of innovating the business model – new services and new site typologies

This article serves as a world tour of private towercos, extracting lessons learned in China, India, Latin America, Africa, Europe, Myanmar, USA and Indonesia. We explore three key growth vectors for private towercos: organic growth, rollup and diversification into alternate site typologies. And we examine some of the perils and pitfalls facing tower entrepreneurs, and…

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