Dual Chemical System using lead acid batteries and lithium ion batteries

Perspectives on a new generation of energy storage solutions

Read this article to learn:

  • Who GS Yuasa are, who they have worked with and what differentiates them from their competitors
  • The strengths of lithium ion and how extensively GS Yuasa’s lithium ion batteries are being used by the industry
  • The concept of their new Dual Chemical System combining lead acid and lithium ion batteries
  • Why the Dual Chemical System is particularly suited to unreliable grid sites
  • How the Dual Chemical System integrates into existing equipment

GS Yuasa is a leading manufacturer and distributor of energy storage solutions which has been serving various industries for decades prior to its final merger back in 2004. The company has been supplying mobile network operators with its solutions and is now actively doing business with independent towercos and ESCOs. In this exclusive interview, GS…

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