Eaton Towers’ tenancy ratios surge beyond two in South Africa

Targeting gated communities and less well off areas where data demand growth is highest enables Eaton to double the size of their South African portfolio

Read this article to learn:

  • How demand for data and the associated cell site densification is driving Eaton Towers South Africa’s growth
  • Eaton’s property priorities: high density, high demand less well off areas and gated communities
  • Demand for, and cost of, smart phones in South Africa
  • The ‘new normal’ of a 60% drop in voice revenues, and what it means for MNOs’ incentive to divest tower assets
  • The economics of build to suit in South Africa

Keith Boyd has been a leader of the African tower industry since before there was a tower industry! Over 15 years spanning Plessey, Venture Communications and Eaton Towers, Keith has become a respected authority on South African towers, and he’ll again be hosting a round table devoted to the country at the forthcoming TowerXchange Meetup…

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