Eaton’s procurement priorities

CTO Thomas Jonell reveals what opex saving equipment and services Eaton are buying, and how they buy it

Read this article to learn:

  • Eaton’s 25% IRR and opex criteria when selecting equipment and services, and their use of VMI
  • 5-year contracts with pan-African O&M partners to implement refurbishment plans
  • Using site management systems to display alarms from RMS in the NOC
  • Eaton’s installation of a “Rolls Royce” access management system
  • Analysing data and designing energy solutions tailored for each individual site

Thomas Jonell has been a CTO in African telecoms for more than ten years. He served as Celtel’s CTO in Nigeria and DRC before spending the last five years at the helm of the technology side of Eaton Towers’ business. TowerXchange wanted to know which categories of partner selection merited the most attention from the…

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