edotco 360: How to deliver telecoms infrastructure at the ‘right cost’

How edotco make the business case to lease rather than build towers, or to sell rather than retain passive infrastructure

Read this article to learn:

  • How to create a tight operational model to maximise efficiency
  • What should be managed locally, what should be standardised and managed centrally
  • How to add value to assets in a mature market like Sri Lanka
  • “Last mover disadvantage” – the risk of towers becoming stranded assets on the balance sheet
  • The economics of building versus leasing towers

CFO Thivanka Rangala’s job is to oversee standardisation and efficiency programs, adding value to inherited assets with a potential future IPO in mind. Of course edotco’s first responsibility is to create value for its customers, while creating a business case where it makes more sense for operators to lease than build towers, and persuading operators…

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