edotco advocates a light touch regulatory regime

The regulatory conditions that promote or inhibit international investment in innovative towercos

Read this article to learn:

  • The regulatory policies that incentivise (and disincentivise) towerco investment
  • How regulators can facilitate and accelerate rollout of telecoms infrastructure
  • Why regulators should intervene in lease pricing only to prevent market failure
  • The merits of a lightly regulated licensing regime
  • How towercos can accelerate rural connectivity initiatives

As a companion piece to our report on the inaugural TowerXchange and IFC Telecom Tower Regulatory conference, TowerXchange interviewed Rema Devi Nair, Regulatory Advisor to the CEO at Asia’s leading multi-country infrastructure provider, edotco. Rema Devi Nair has been active in the regulatory sphere for more than 20 years, having played a variety of roles…

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