Digant: End to end remote monitoring hardware and site management software for cell sites

Digant Technologies delivers unrivalled accuracy to help customers minimise opex and avoid unnecessary capex

Read this article to learn:

  • Why it is important for site monitoring and management companies to provide hardware and software
  • How Digant’s solution has been proven at 3,000 cell sites and 5,000 petroleum retail outlets across India
  • Monitoring and minimising manual overrides to automatic load transfer
  • How accurate remote monitoring helps identify and reduce pilferage, and prevents contractors running multiple energy sources concurrently to run up invoices
  • How effective RMS avoids re-investing capex by extending the lifespan of equipment

Digant’s end to end site monitoring and management solution extends from hardware to software, and has been proven at thousands of cell sites across India. Creating real time visibility of cell site performance isn’t just about technology – it must also be about understanding and optimising operational processes, whether it be predicting equipment failures before…

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