NETIS: End-to-end services

How NETIS became a trusted infrastructure partner of all four towercos

Read this article to learn:

  • Why towercos negotiate with key strategic partners even before winning bids in new markets
  • The implications of tower transactions for staff transfers and for unlocking pent up investments
  • Towerco key performance indicators: power uptime, time to access sites and MTTR
  • How NETIS support Eaton Towers with VMI
  • How rapid deployment towers are used for major events, for industry and for tower replacements

Jean Farhat and his business partner Jean-Claude Figali started NETIS (Network Industry and Services) as an end-to-end service and infrastructure partner in 2009. NETIS provides services in three main fields: building and upgrading telecom towers and power solutions, provision of comprehensive O&M services, and manufacture of towers and accessories in their factory in Abidjan, Cote…

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