Energy Vision: the first ESCO of scale in SSA

Energy Services Company takes on 400+ sites in Gabon

Read this article to learn:

  • Energy Vision’s simple proposition: reliable and environmental friendly energy at a reasonable, predictable, fixed monthly price
  • What proportion of Gabon’s cell sites are on-grid, on bad grid and off-grid
  • The scope and current progress of SSA’s first ESCO project of scale
  • How the project staffed and financed
  • Which solutions technology agnostic Energy Vision chose to deploy

MNOs in Africa seeking to reduce operational complexity have to date tended to focus on strategic partnerships with tower companies. But when the tower sale process of one operator in Gabon faltered, they sought an alternative strategic partner: pioneering ESCO Energy Vision. Africa’s first ESCO project of scale, Energy Vision are currently managing the first…

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