Exclusive: How Brazil’s Ministry of Communications is encouraging tower industry growth

Updates on frequency auctions, 4G coverage objectives and permitting simplification

Read this article to learn:

  • How past and future frequency auctions in Brazil will drive 4G coverage
  • Working with municipalities to accelerate permitting and deployment of infrastructure prior to the World Cup
  • How the ministry intends to extend benefits from telcos to towercos to encourage tower industry growth
  • How the Lei das Antenas would unify tower development under Federal Law
  • The availability of capital and expertise to establish local towercos

In an exclusive interview with TowerXchange, Mr Artur Coimbra de Oliveira, Director of the Department of Broadband within the Ministry of Communications of Brazil, shares his views on the current and future status of the Brazilian tower industry. Mr Coimbra de Oliveira’s background includes experience within the Brazilian telecommunication agency, Anatel, as Regulatory Specialist, and…

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