Fibre from the sky: the missing link in rural connectivity?

O3b Networks proposes an innovative solution to providing high quality mobile broadband experiences beyond the economic reach of fibre networks

Read this article to learn:

  • Leveraging MEO satellites to cut latency by 80%, to provide a voice service with undetectable delays and 12GB/second data anywhere in the world
  • Connecting to core networks to provide connectivity to landlocked and islands nations
  • Enabling 3-4x network traffic growth within 6-12 months: customer experiences from Digicel and Raga Sat (DRC)
  • The opportunity for towercos to expand beyond passive infrastructure to provide aggregated backhaul services in partnership with O3b

O3b Networks was created with a vision to connect the other three billion (hence O3b) potential mobile subscribers who currently lack mobile broadband access. Their vision is to leverage a growing constellation of Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) satellites set a little over 8,000km above the Earth, enabling O3b to offer the global reach of satellite…

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