Finding the balance: MobiNil’s CFO explains the rationale and strategy behind their tower sale

How MobiNil used the sale of part of their portfolio to reduce debt and manage opex

Read this article to learn:

  • Why MobiNil chose Eaton Towers as their counterparty for the deal
  • What tower sharing deals exist in Egypt already and how bilateral swaps will be affected by the deal
  • How political and economic changes in Egypt affected the length of the process and the complexity of the deal
  • MobiNil’s expectations for future deal structures

MobiNil’s deal with Eaton Towers in April 2015 consisted of around 30% of their portfolio (up to 2,000 towers) and raised up to US$131mn. As the first tower deal in the MENA region, all eyes will be on MobiNil and Eaton as the deal progresses to work out which models will work in the region….

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