CCE: Fixed price, distributed renewable power: can towercos deliver?

CCE, through its pending merger between CER and CPS, made the breakthrough providing fixed price, guaranteed availability energy services to towers in India; can they make the same impact in Africa?

Read this article to learn:

  • CCE’s experiences managing energy as a service in India and how Africa is following the same evolutionary path, though trailing by 3 years
  • How towercos and powercos add value to assets to realise target valuation multiples
  • The tipping point that convinced Indian towercos to partner with powercos
  • Contrasting towercos’ improvement capex with powercos’ more capitally intensive investments
  • Quantifying the addressable market for EMSaaS in Africa

In the opinion of Cambridge Clean Energy (CCE); a specialised powerco optimises value creation by maximising long-term energy efficiency, as opposed to a towerco, who may look no further than the quick wins that yield 15-20% improvements. As such, CCE believes that African towercos will eventually follow a similar path to those in India, who…

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