Health and safety, ethics and compliance – from policy to practicalities

How Helios Towers Africa keep staff, subcontractors and customers safe

Read this article to learn:

  • How achieving OSHAS18001 instigates a systemic approach to the identification and management of risk
  • The need to properly train, equip and supervise tower climbers
  • How to ensure the H&S policy compliance of subcontractors
  • How to develop a zero tolerance policy toward Facilitation Payments, and where there is the highest risk that they might be requested
  • The criticality of H&S, E&C policies in investors’ due diligence

Does operating a tower business in Africa require the turning of a blind eye toward a “Facilitation Payment” to expedite a lease negotiation or customs clearance? Or does it require a relaxed attitude toward health and safety? “This is Africa,” is often rolled out as an excuse. That excuse is not accepted at Helios Towers…

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