Helios Towers Africa’s plans for the 950 towers to be acquired from Airtel DRC

An interview with HTA’s Group Director of Sales and Marketing, Alex Leigh

Read this article to learn:

  • Why the transaction and the DRC are of such importance to Helios Towers Africa
  • Factors behind the the company’s strong operational performance in such a challenging market
  • What plans HTA has for the upgrade of the Airtel sites
  • What strengths HTA brings to the market

On 5th May, Airtel announced the sale of 950 towers in the DRC to Helios Towers Africa, signifying the operator’s eleventh tower transaction and second with Helios. The deal further strengthens Helios Towers Africa’s position in the DRC, where they are the sole towerco in what is known to be a very operationally challenging market….

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