HOI MEA reinvents itself as a towerco

Innovative static asset manufacturer and turnkey infrastructure service provider interested in buying towers from Mobinil

Read this article to learn:

  • Insights into the tower markets in Egypt, North and South Sudan
  • How HOI MEA has launched a licensed independent towerco in Egypt
  • The proportion of new towers in Egypt that have capacity for multiple tenants
  • The current state of Mobinil’s potential tower sale
  • The growing demand for camouflaged towers

TowerXchange continues our profiles of the four licensed infrastructure providers in Egypt. HOI MEA has designed, manufactured and installed over 1,650 telecom towers in Egypt and Sudan, with a further 4,000 towers manufactured by HOI MEA installed in other countries. Their unique camouflaged multi-tenant towers have enabled them to become key partners of Vodafone Egypt…

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