How banks evaluate and price risk when lending to towercos

An interview with Krishna Suryanarayanan, Managing Director at ING

Read this article to learn:

  • How banks evaluate country risk and price accordingly
  • What is the minimum scale required for a towerco to be investible?
  • The contractual terms which enhance bankability and the impact of providing energy
  • How long it takes banks to evaluate and approve credit applications from towercos
  • The evolution of towerco financing: from startup to scale – from VC to debt and the capital markets

One of the principal growing pains facing tower companies, particularly in emerging markets, is the difficult raising affordable debt to finance construction and acquisitions. To learn about some of the criteria commercial banks use when evaluating and pricing provision of credit to towercos, TowerXchange spoke to Krishna Suryanarayanan, Managing Director, Structured Finance at ING Bank…

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