How do towerco business models affect tower valuations?

Contrasting operator-led and independent tower company acquisition opportunities, using India as an example

Read this article to learn:

  • Comparing the price paid per towerco tower with price paid per operator-captive tower in international tower transactions over the last four years
  • Estimated tower counts and tenancy ratios for India
  • Deal flow returns to the Indian tower market: who are the prospective buyers and sellers?
  • Comparing an independent towerco with an operator-led towerco portfolio, using Viom Networks and Reliance Inftatel as examples
  • The investibility of a potential BSNL carve out towerco

Why is an independent towerco’s tower often worth more than an operator-captive tower? How much value is added if an operator carves out their assets into their own towerco, and leases them up? How does one evaluate the investibility of new carve out towercos? India is a great example market to compare tower business models…

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